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A funeral isn’t a funeral without flowers but the choice of whether to allow people to send flowers, or give donations, is sometimes floa hard one to make. It may help to limit the sending of flowers to just family members, but that can include cousins and distant Aunts and Uncles and if you happen to have a large family you could be overwhelmed with floral tributes. For a burial it is nice to have plenty of flowers to cover the grave in the days following the funeral, but for a cremation it is sometimes difficult to know what to do with flowers after the service.

Flowers may well be the last gift you are able to buy for someone. They add colour and life to a funeral. They can help to decorate the coffin and be placed in a grave as part of a burial service. Colours can be chosen that are meaningful and specially ordered designs can cover almost any subject. In the past we have supplied Club badges and motifs, cartoon characters, aeroplanes, cars, cricket bats, guitars, pints of beer, footballs and even a bowl of fruit and veg. Given enough time most things are possible and we could happily discuss someone’s ideas or wishes.

We can arrange for suitable tributes to be taken to a nursing home on your behalf so that they can be enjoyed by others rather than laying at the crematorium and deteriorating.

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