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Arranging a funeral:

Burial or Cremation

Choosing a burial or cremation.

There are no specific areas that crematorium’s cover, so no matter where you, or the deceased, live, we can arrange to go wherever you will most comfortable. The one consideration when deciding on a particular crematorium is how far family and friends will have to travel to get to the service. It is also worth noting that if you wish to have ashes scattered at a certain crematorium it might be a good idea, if possible, to have the actual cremation there because if ashes are taken to a different crematorium for scattering following a funeral somewhere else it can attract a fee.

Cremation allows you the chance to choose a very personal final resting place as the ashes can be interred, or scattered, in a variety of locations, with permission. Burial differs in that the final resting place will be a particular churchyard or cemetery with other family members, or in the persons own parish. Burial will allow the family to place a memorial on the grave thereby creating a focal point that can be visited in the future. (It is possible to inter ashes into plots that will accept memorials) It is important to remember that churchyards, if they are still open, will only allow the burial of parishioners as most are very limited for space. The same applies to many village, town and city cemeteries.

If you are not a resident in that parish then in many cases you would not be allowed to be buried in a new grave (you may, however, be allowed to use an existing grave space if there is room for a further burial, and you have the ‘right’ to be buried there.) Sometimes, if there is room, it is possible to be buried in a cemetery in an area where you did not live, however, it will without doubt be significantly more expensive as, to avoid the graves being used up too quickly by non-residents, the controlling authorities will charge fees that can be up to five-times the normal rate. This then brings in to question the cost factor. Crematoria charge the same fee regardless of where you live so it is easy to work out what the service will cost. Churchyards also have a set fee where the burial of a parishioner is concerned. Cemeteries, however, will have various fees that relate to residents and nonresidents, and it is important to be made aware of the possible charges before instructing your Funeral Director to go ahead with the arrangements.

Should you wish to discuss any details relating to a grave or a burial please do not hesitate to contact us on the number above.

Consideration needs to be given to various things when deciding on a final resting place for cremated remains, and it is worth asking yourself these questions to help you make the right decision.

  • Is there a grave of any other family member that I wish to use?
  • Do I want the cremated remains to be near to where the person lived?
  • Do I want them in a cemetery or burial ground?
  • Do I wish them to be buried or scattered?
  • Will I want a memorial to visit in the future?
  • How far will I want to travel to visit a grave?
  • Do I want to visit a grave?

We can help you to arrange whatever you feel is right, and you should not feel under any pressure from us to rush into making a decision

There are quite a few ways that cremated remains can be laid to rest, some suggestions are listed here.

  • Buried in a new ashes grave.
  • Buried in an existing ashes grave with another family member.
  • Buried in an existing full size grave.
  • Scattered at a crematorium.
  • Scattered in a Churchyard/cemetery. (Where allowed)
  • Buried at a Natural Burial Ground/Green cemetery.
  • Scattered, or buried, personally by the family in a special garden or location.
  • Buried at sea.

For anyone who wants a more unusual memorial, small amounts of cremated remainscan now be turned into diamonds and then set into jewellery. Also garden furniture, ornaments and keepsakes are available which can contain an amount of cremated remains.

Should you wish us to get involved in scattering cremated remains in a special location we would need to have the permission of the authority controlling the land in question. (Scattering cremated remains in places such as a football ground, cricket pitch, golf course or other public area may well be possible but we would rely on you to arrange the permission. We would not be prepared to be involved without seeing a written agreement first.)

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