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Perhaps the most tangible and lasting tribute to a departed loved one is a memorial headstone. It is, after all, a permanent sign, and therefore is one of the more important decisions that families have to make.

Anstey and District Funeral Services offer a bespoke service in this regard. Using traditional stone masons and the best that the latest technology can offer, we can ensure that the end product will be all you hoped for.

A memorial stone is not simply a marker of where your loved one is buried or where their ashes are interned. It’s a tribute to their life and a place for the family and friends they have left behind to gather in their memory.

Whether you choose a classic or contemporary memorial stone, there are numerous ways to make it a unique and special place that will remind you of your loved one whenever you visit. Inscriptions and quotations are the ideal way to memorialise your loved one in an incredibly personal way. The shape may also be important to you – traditional rectangular or arched designs are classic and timeless, whereas floral detail and book designs have an ageless and ornate aesthetic. To personalise the memorial stone in a contemporary way, we offer updated designs such as football shirts, hearts, and even photographs of the deceased so you can keep memories fresh whenever you visit their resting place.

At Anstey & District Funeral Services, we offer support and recommendations to families throughout the process of installing a memorial stone to ensure you are satisfied with your decision.


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