Funeral Costs

Direct Cremation

Direct Cremation is the simplest and most economical form of Cremation available.

It is only suitable for those families who do not wish to hold any form of Funeral service and do not wish to be present at the Cremation.

A Direct Cremation package provides collection of the Deceased from the place of death, respectful and dignified care at our premises and a simple coffin for transport directly to the Crematorium in the following days.

It also includes our services to complete the necessary legal documentation for Cremation.

Following a direct Cremation, families can opt to have their loved one’s Ashes returned to them.

Those who choose Direct Cremation because they do not wish to hold a traditional Funeral Service may also wish to arrange a Memorial service at a later date.

Our charges for this type of service are £1,625.00 (this charge is inclusive of the Crematoriums charges and the Doctors Cremation certificates)

Traditional Funerals

It is our aim to provide a superior level of funeral service at a fair price. All of our staff are fully trained and qualified through the Independent Funeral Directors College. We strive to give our families an informed choice of the services available which we provide in a transparent format.

We publish our full price list and provide ‘like for like’ comparisons with the nearest geographical funeral directors to us as well as their full price lists.

All costs including comparisons do not include any third-party disbursements which are required to be paid by the funeral director on the families’ behalf.

A Traditional Funeral

Price comparisons as at 1st January 2018

Anstey & District Funeral Services Central England Co-operative Funeral Services Dignity Funerals PLC
Other trading names None Abbeyoak H Towell, Joseph Swifts, or Ginns & Gutterridge
Transfer of Deceased £220 £340 In Care of Deceased fees
Care of the Deceased In Professional Fee In Professional Fee £1015
Preparation and Chapel In Professional Fee In Professional Fee In Care of Deceased fees
Hygienic Treatment In Professional Fee In Professional Fee £95
Professional Fee £950 £1070 £1565
4x Bearers In Professional Fee In Professional Fee In Professional Fee
Hearse £245 £410 £620
Limousine £195 £90 £120
Least Expensive Coffin £340 £265 £150
Total Cost £1950 £2175 £3470
Difference Best Value +£225 +£1520
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